Thursday, December 31, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

Many people I know like beginnings - they like spring, and dawn. Personally, I have always preferred twilight, and autumn. I like endings. To me, endings offer the promise of that new beginning before it has begun. Once trees are budding in the spring, and once dawn's first light touches the sky, the new season or the new dawn is underway. It feels to me as if its course has already been set. But while the old season or old day - or old year - is in the process of ending, the future is filled with limitless possibility. Its course has not yet been set.

New Year's Eve feels the same way to me - full of promise. And this is not only the end of a year, it is also the end of a decade. It's been kind of a tough decade for me, dealing with physical injuries and difficult moves. But with 2009 drawing to a close, the new decade appears full of limitless possibility. Nothing is yet set in stone. Books I have yet to read could introduce me to wonderful new authors and beautiful writing. Books I have yet to write could be the most intense and insightful and moving works that I have ever written.

It's all still possible.

I wish everybody one last night of possibility. May you treasure the potential that 2010 offers, before time shows you its reality. This is a night for dreaming.


  1. Fortunately, every night is a night of possibility. Years and decades are arbitrary divisions. Any night we realize we've lost that perspective and gotten mired down is the night we can decide to start over. As I said every night during the Year from Hell: "Tomorrow will be better." And sure enough, eventually, it was. And it will be. Peace out!

  2. Very true, Peni - that's why I love twilight and sunsets, insteas of dawn and sunrises.

  3. Hi Elaine. Briefly reflecting on 2009, and looking forward to the rest of 2010. Time passes so quickly! I'm glad I found you here.

  4. Hi Peggy! I'm glad you found me, too - I still follow the IN-SCBWI listserv, and I sure miss you guys. I hope 2010 is good for you!